Safety Against Dampness With Shaft Liner Panels

Shaft liner panels comprises of X gypsum core which is dead set against fire and it is damp resistant. It is sheathed in a 100% cast-off green face and back dissertation. This face dissertation creases around the elongated edges to defend the core. The panels’ characteristic a dual beveled rim, with the ends being square cut and refined fluffy. It is obtainable in assorted spans. This is being used in combination with additional American Gypsum products for constructing the shaft partition and area severance fence. The shaft wall structure is insubstantial in nature and it has reinstated the conventional masonry.

Importance of shaft liner panels

A wall which comprises of winch shafts, stairwells and additional vertical shafts are the support of an edifice. As because these ramparts are the imperative elements of a construction, they should have the requisite potency to endure tangential heaps and offer obligatory fire fortification.
Each prominent shaft liner supplier provides sheetrock shaft wall structure which is non load posture gypsum wall. Shafts are enfolded early on in edifice and afterward the ramparts are done. Setting up is an uncomplicated contrast to other multilayer gypsum. This is being used to build winch shafts, perfunctory shafts and stairwells. This shaft is fundamental for clout, water, exhaust and upright communication. There are couples of the division of shaft liner panels.

Solid shafts: This is used in a region where a minute segment of shaft wall is required. This structurally restricted to an altitude of 3600 mm.
Horizontal shafts: For assured appliance, due to apparatus inadequacy, it would be exceedingly intricate to mount the perpendicular shafts. This is where the uses of horizontal shafts come in.

Shaft wall ceiling crust: This one can also be set up flat when a horizontal fire rated casing is necessary.

This shaft liner panel is being used as a constituent in code acquiescent, fire-rated edifice assemblies for region severance ramparts, stairwells, winch shafts, and additional internal perfunctory structure. The panels are devised with gypsum core and are improved with glass fiber for potency and fire resistance. It is coated with a water revolting dissertation which is facing on the face, rear and extended edges. Usual process does not entail concluding action, but the aqua shell will contain additional finishes subsequent to appropriate plane preparation. Shaft liner type X should not be used where temperature surpasses 125 degree Fahrenheit for a comprehensive epoch and also it should not be used in an expanse of intense dampness. Similarly, the board should be secluded from revelation to unpleasant circumstances during storage and manufacture. Shaft liner Type X is not intended for external utilization or for the bare constituent of an air contribute channel.